Academic Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend an Academic Coaching Session?

Coaching sessions are currently being held both IN-PERSON and VIRTUALLY. Once you schedule an appointment with a Coach, either through our Book Now button or through a Coach’s Calendly link, you will receive a confirmation email from Calendly as well as a personal email from your Coach. In the confirmation email you will be given instructions about the coaching appointment and either a link to join the virtual meeting or instructions to check in at the CYP, HYS, HLC, RGC, RRC, RVS, SAC, or SGC Accelerators.

What's the difference between an Academic Coach and an Academic Advisor or a Tutor?

An Academic Advisor is your best resource for knowing and understanding your degree plan and ensuring that you take the classes you need to graduate or to prepare to transfer to another institution of higher education. Academic Coaches pick up where advisors leave off–ensuring that you have a solid plan for approaching your studying so that you can earn the grades you want and meet your goals.

A Tutor helps you with class assignments and specific subject content material by working with you one-on-one to improve your comprehension. An Academic Coach focuses on personalized strategies and works with you to improve your efficacy, efficiency, productivity, and performance in all classes.

What is a typical coaching session like?

A typical coaching session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your needs. It will involve a check in with your coach to find out what your most pressing concerns are and a conversation that identifies a practical solution to work toward your goal.

Is there a limit to the number of coaching sessions I can have?

No. There is no limit to coaching sessions, but you don’t have to plan to see a Coach indefinitely. Plenty of students come to us for one or two sessions. Others come more frequently than that.

Will I see the same Academic Coach each time?

It’s up to you! You’re more than welcome to schedule an appointment with a specific Coach and can do so on an individual Coach’s profile. But, we’re a team, so if you’d like to interact with a new personality or style, you’re welcome to!

Academic Coaching doesn't exist at my campus, can I still meet with one?

Yes! You’re very welcome to come see us at one of our six locations–and we recommend face-to-face visits for the highest quality experience. However, we also visit other campuses in the district twice a semester in the fall and spring semesters, and we offer web-based coaching for students who absolutely can’t make it in person.

Is there a charge for Academic Coaching?

No. You do not need to pay to visit Academic Coaching.

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