Guide to Learning Lab for Faculty and Staff

Overview of Learning Lab Services

Learning Labs are located on every campus and online.

We help students:

  • Understand information taught in ACC courses
  • Formulate questions to support discovering solutions
  • Discuss textbook concepts
  • Understand assignment criteria
  • Prepare for exams
  • Improve study skills and time management

We support faculty by:

  • Working with instructors to address students’ academic concerns
  • Providing feedback on students’ efforts
  • Offering tutoring in a wide range of academic subjects
  • Offering small group tutoring sessions, as requested by instructors
  • Emphasizing certain concepts or problems, as requested by instructors
  • Housing course-specific materials (as space allows)
  • Providing both in-person and virtual workshops on specific skills
  • Visiting classes both in person and virtually to present information about Learning Labs’ services
  • (see below for booking information)
  • Providing computer lab access (see below for booking information)

Book a Classroom Visit

Book a Classroom Visit

Online Learning Lab – Book a Visit
Cypress Creek – Book a Visit
Eastview – Book a Visit
Elgin – Book a Visit
Hays – Book a Visit
Highland – Book a Visit
Northridge – Book a Visit
Rio Grande – Book a Visit
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South Austin – Book a Visit

Submit a Computer Lab Reservation Request

Cypress Creek Campus
Contact: Martha Rodriguez

Eastview Campus
Contact: Theresa Mooney

Elgin Campus
Contact: Ad Astra Room Request

Hays Campus
Contact: Ad Astra Room Request

Highland Campus
Contact: HLC ACCelerator Request

Northridge Campus
Contact: Ad Astra Room Request

Rio Grande Campus
Contact: Ad Astra Room Request

Riverside Campus
Contact: Helen Dailey or Cynthia Arevalo

Round Rock Campus
Contact: Scott Nordquist

San Gabriel Campus
Contact:Ad Astra Room Request

South Austin Campus
Contact: Ad Astra Room Request

Best Practices for Faculty

Faculty can help the Learning Labs support students by:

  • Providing us with syllabi, assignment and test schedules
  • Encouraging students who need help to visit the Learning Lab
  • Communicating to tutors any unique technique or concept being taught in the classroom
  • Consulting with tutors about special concerns
  • Telling students how to reach out for Learning Lab services by sharing our webpage:
  • Inviting the Learning Lab to visit your class and provide students with an overview of our services
  • Sharing the best practices listed below with your students and including it in your syllabi

Collaboration with Faculty

To strengthen collaboration with faculty and boost student retention and success, the Learning Labs

  • Join with faculty and task force leaders to address students’ learning needs
  • Have Instructional Associates who consult with instructors and department chairs, to ensure Learning Labs have the latest materials to support courses

Embedded Learning Support Services

Learn about embedded learning support – Where the Learning Lab Comes to You!

Learning Lab Resources

Through our tutoring, technology, and study spaces, we strive to help students become active independent learners and achieve academic success.

Tutoring. Our tutors support ACC’s diverse student population online and face to face in an open-access lab setting. Modes of delivery include one-on-one, small groups, embedded (in class) tutoring, skills review workshops, and guided study groups. Learning Labs tutors are faculty, professionals, and peers who offer support for academic and workforce courses. These services help students stay on track with coursework, understand assignments, and improve their overall academic performance.

Refer a Student for Tutoring

If you would like for one of our staff and/or tutors to email a special request to one of your students needing additional support in your classroom, please submit an Academic Alert.

If you would like to refer a student directly to tutoring, please fill out our “Tutoring Services Referral” form and ask the student to visit a Learning Lab with the completed form. 

Technology. Learning Labs have computers to access online resources, complete assignments, and conduct other course or ACC related activities. At all campuses, technology and application software support is available through formal orientations or one on one sessions. We offer:

  • Access to specialized software such as Nutritionist Pro and Wolfram Mathematica
  • Help with overall computer skills for individual students
  • Scheduling and coordinating class time and content demonstrations in the Learning Lab computer areas
  • Computer support for students using adaptive equipment and software
  • Access to ACC’s wireless network

Study Group Spaces. Study group spaces are available in most Learning Labs. Students who need a quiet location to study, students who are collaborating on a team project, or students who want to study together can reserve a space in campus Learning Labs.

Loaner Resources.  In-person Learning Labs have a collection of textbooks, calculators, laptops, and other resources for students to borrow while visiting. Additionally, students can visit our Handouts & Resources and Assessment Study Materials webpages for more helpful study tools.

Best Practices for Students

Students should know that:

  • Learning Labs are available at every campus and online:
  • Learning Labs are open (and tutors are available) when ACC classes are in session
  • Students can go to any Learning Lab, regardless of which campus their class or instructor is located

To benefit fully from visiting the Learning Labs and working with tutors, students should:

  • Read assignments and attempt assignments prior to seeking assistance
  • Bring a copy of the assignment and the class syllabus so the tutor can determine the instructors’ expectations
  • Know that assigned classwork is the students’ responsibility; tutors will not complete or correct students’ assignments for them
  • Be prepared to communicate as specifically as possible about how the tutor can assist
  • Indicate which problem(s) or concept(s) they need help in understanding
  • Be prepared to ask specific questions concerning assignments or course materials
  • Invest time to acquire the skills needed to be successful in an academic setting

Students should use the handout below to ensure they have a productive tutoring session:
Guide to a Productive Tutoring Session with the ACC Learning Lab Tutors

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