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At Austin Community College, we have the support you need to achieve your academic goals, including access to free tutoring year-round!

Our tutors are faculty and expert professionals who offer assistance with academic and workforce courses. You can check out their profiles in the scheduling platform below. Tutoring helps you stay on track with your coursework, understand assignments, and improve your study skills. At ACC, tutoring is FREE and available both online and in-person to all currently enrolled students. Our goal is to provide free, confidential, and convenient academic support for all ACC students.

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For In-person Tutoring

Visit one of our 11 campuses to meet with a tutor face-to-face for an individual or group tutoring session.

  • Walk-in tutoring is available at every Learning Lab during listed hours! No appointments needed.
  • In-person tutoring sessions will take place in the Learning Lab at the campus you choose.
  • You can browse subjects and tutors in the scheduling tool or check the campus schedule to see which tutoring subjects are offered at each campus.
  • The amount of time with a tutor will vary based on the number of students in the lab at that time.

If you have any questions about in-person tutoring, feel free to stop by the Learning Lab on your campus.

For Online Tutoring

Hop into a tutoring session from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are! Our ACC tutors are ready to meet you where you are.

  • Drop-in visits are welcome online as long as there is a tutor available at that time.
  • Use the request button above and select “online” to book an online tutoring session.
  • If an ACC tutor is not available for the time slot or subject you need, you can choose to meet with an online tutor from Upswing, our virtual tutoring partner.
  • Technology Requirements: You will need to use a Google Chrome browser. The program used for online tutoring is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Safari, and may not function smoothly with Mozilla Firefox. If your only option is Firefox, then you can try disabling add-ons for better functionality.
  • Important: Keep in mind that all appointments with ACC tutors are FREE for students currently enrolled in an ACC course. Appointments with Upswing staff are limited to five hours per semester. Not sure how to tell which tutor you are selecting? Check out the guide below:
    (ACC tutors are available during posted Learning Lab hours. Upswing tutors (coaches) are available 24/7)

If you are having trouble using Upswing or have any questions, feel free to reach us out at ACC to DeEadra Albert-Green at 512-223-2646 or Alicia McWilliams at [email protected] or e-mail Upswing directly at [email protected].

Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to book an in-person or online tutoring appointment:

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As an Austin Community College student, you have access to all the free support and services students have come to expect from us. From tutors and academic coaches, to advisors and career and transfer specialists, our caring faculty and staff are eager to assist you.

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