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Would you be interested in making a difference in a student’s life, by becoming an Ascender Mentor? You could become a valuable team member of this program at Austin Community College!

Most Ascender Mentors are professionals who have traversed the hills and valleys of higher education. Evaluations of Ascender students show they are succeeding academically; they state that their mentors have helped them succeed. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete our online form below.

Ascender Mentors

The mentoring component is crucial in helping students form a “network” of supportive individuals who will help them through their first year of college. Many Ascenders are the first in their families to attend college and meet with a professional from the community who has gone through the same process and is a helpful guide. Mentors also serve as a valuable “voice” that is often able to help students see the “bigger picture” when they are struggling the most. Recruiting mentors, matching them with students, and helping foster a unique relationship can be challenging; consequently, you will find the following information in the sections below.

Ascender Mentors (English)

Who Are Mentors?

Mentors are excellent listeners; people who want to make a difference in a student’s life. Mentors provide support and friendship and are role models for students. Mentors can share with students about their own mentors and how they were helped.

Mentors Do...

  • Meet with students at their designated campus, during the activities for Ascender ACC (see the calendar of events; events held in fall and spring semesters only).
  • Provide resources for students writing assignments and encourage questions.
  • Assist students in obtaining scholarships and internships.
  • Provide students with ideas they can use in their future to network with other professionals as students move through their academic careers.
  • Help students set goals.
  • Share ideas about career planning.

Mentors Do Not...

  • Give or lend money to a student.
  • Try to become a father or mother figure.
  • Discuss issues that might be uncomfortable for the student.
  • “Lecture” a student.
  • Criticize students’ behavior, style, or religious beliefs.
  • Impose personal or political values on the student.
  • Date a student.

Mentor Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to speak Spanish to become a mentor?

No! If you speak Spanish or any other language, that’s fantastic! However, we welcome all mentors who are able to speak English.

Do I Have to be an ACC employee to become a mentor?

No, we accept mentors from any institution, organization, etc.! Although most of our mentors are from ACC, we welcome anyone to be a mentor, as long as they have at least 2 years of experience within the college field. Everyone is welcome to apply!

Is this a paid position?

No, being a mentor for the program is a voluntary and unpaid position. However, your work is very rewarding, fun, and well worth it, as you help first-year students with their college experience!

How often does a mentor meet with their mentee?

These meetings are scheduled once per month during a semester and prepared by the Ascender Mentor Coordinator. The sessions usually last from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Mentors will likely spend 6 to 8 hours per semester.

What is the time comittment?

We ask mentors to commit for a period of two consecutive semesters, beginning in the fall.

How is the matching done?

The mentor coordinator will match mentors with students with similar backgrounds and interests using the information found in the mentor/mentee profile forms. It is important that both, mentor and mentee feel comfortable with each other.

What should I do in the event that I couldn’t continue mentoring?

If you cannot continue mentoring, it is essential to notify the CTN Coordinator as soon as possible. You need to inform of this your mentee as well.

Who do I notify if I am not able to attend a meeting, or if I have some issues or concerns?

For any questions or concerns related to the mentoring aspect of the Ascender Program, contact:

Alejandra Polcik
Ascender Manager
[email protected]
Diana Gorostieta
Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]

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