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Due to the restricted nature of honors courses, registration is a two-step process involving “clearance” (pre-approval) for individual courses. Only the Honors Program staff may clear and register students for Honors courses; students may not register themselves.

Using the form below, make a registration request for individual courses. (The form will open on March 25th, and college-wide registration for Summer ’24 starts on April 1st.) As with Spring registration, ACC is using a staggered system based on the number of hours in progress/completed. On Friday, April 5th, all students are eligible to register, so that is when we will begin filling requests. Waiting until the 5th ensures that all requests will be honored, and students who have fewer hours than others will not be at a disadvantage if a particular class fills up quickly. After April 5th, we’ll resume our normal registration process.

The Honors Program staff will register you for your requested classes, after which you will receive emailed verification.

This form will include Fall ’24 classes on Monday, May 6th.

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