Student Advocacy Center FAQs

General Questions

New applications for childcare or textbook scholarships

New childcare contracts will not be established during this time but a new application for summer services can be submitted with an advocate via phone or WebEx.

Childcare questions

Please email our Childcare Specialist, Sandi Saathoff at to set up a time to discuss issues over the phone or WebEx. We have reached out to all childcare providers via email to let them know about ACC’s campus closures. You may continue to use the childcare scholarship during this time if the provider is still open.

General assistance and concerns

If you would like to speak with someone about any concerns, questions, assistance or anxieties, please reach out to one of our Advocates to arrange a time to talk. We are here to help you through this time.

Community resources

Our staff will be regularly updating a community resource list with links for help with unemployment, financial support, housing, food, emotional support, and health and wellness. Please refer to the link below and contact our office with questions.

Other Information

Who is eligible to apply for childcare? Other services?

You can request Student Advocacy Center services if you are eligible to receive a Pell grant and one of the following apply:

  • You are a single parent.
  • Your program of study (degree or certificate) is not traditional for your gender.
  • You are a displaced homemaker.

Do I have to be a full-time student to receive assistance?

No. You can take as little as 1 credit.

Can I take any classes that I want?

Yes. However, you will receive assistance only for classes in your degree plan.

When do I apply for assistance?

We accept applications year-round. Awards are first-come, first-served as funds become available.

How long does it take before I know if I will be getting assistance?

The process takes about three weeks before you receive notice of your award status.

What if I am not awarded childcare or textbook payment assistance?

You may still use the textbook loan program and other services.

Why am I not getting assistance? I meet all the criteria.

The number of applicants exceeds the availability of funds; it is important to apply early to increase your chance of receiving assistance.

I got textbook payment assistance but applied for childcare assistance?

The Student Advocacy Center budget is divided into separate funds for childcare and textbooks, and available funds are awarded until they run out.

Do I have to use a specified childcare provider?

You may use any registered or licensed childcare provider.

What if I do not have a childcare provider?

You will be responsible for finding one who meets your needs and is registered or licensed.

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