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The Talk About It ACC program is a collaboration between the Austin Community Colleges District and Talk About It Campus Conversations that aims to improve the well-being of young Texans through equitable access to sexual health education, contraception, and resources for college-aged young people on and off campus. Students are provided medically accurate information about their sexual and reproductive health and are connected to Healthcare providers in their surrounding community.

Contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Text line: 512-827-9032

Programs Offered



Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours

Description: More in-depth and interactive discussions on STI/HIV transmission, how to reduce the risk of transmission, contraception, goal setting, effective communication, and healthy relationships

Incentive: $75 gift card upon completion

Seventeen Days

Seventeen Days

Duration: 45 min – 1.5 hours (participants have minimum viewing requirements, but can choose to spend more time learning)

Description: Web-based individual self-paced information on STI/HIV transmission, how to reduce the risk of transmission, and effective communication.

Incentive: $25 gift card upon completion

Plan A

Plan A

Duration: 45 min – 1hr

Description: Plan A is a 23-minute educational entertainment video. Plan A discusses birth control including abstinence, condom use and negotiation skills, STI/HIV risks and testing, emergency contraception, pregnancy prevention, and healthy communication with partners and healthcare providers.

Incentive: $15 gift card upon completion

Upcoming Workshops

Name Date Time Location
Plan A Tuesday, July 23rd 3pm – 4:15pm Highland Campus
Plan A Tuesday, August 6th 2pm – 3:15pm Zoom
SHARP Friday, August 9th Part 1: 10am – Noon
Part 2: 1pm – 3pm

Seventeen Days can be done at any available time. Please complete the registration form and you will be contacted by one of our health educators with instructions on how to log in and get started.

Upcoming Events

Check back in around August!

Healthcare Referrals

Need to schedule an appointment with a medical provider? Talk About It ACC works with community partners like People’s Center for Adolescent Health Clinic to ensure students have low-cost healthcare for adolescents and young adults.

Submit a referral for yourself or a friend or family member in need of:

  • Primary Care
  • Birth Control
  • Confidential STI Testing & Treatment
  • Counseling/Therapy Resources
  • Pregnancy Care & More!


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