Job Scam Alert

ALERT: Beware of Job Offer Scams

Job scams are at an all-time high. Fraudulent employers are targeting student email accounts, posing as legitimate ACC departments or faculty/staff. ACC’s Career Services is available to offer guidance to ACC students and alumni regarding potential job scams. Questions and concerns can be directed to [email protected].

Jobs that sound too good to be true should raise a red flag. Fake jobs can be attempts to steal personal information, money, or bank account information from you. Be cautious, review job posts carefully, and watch out for scammers. If you have any doubts about a job posting, contact ACC Career Services and we’ll review the posting to confirm.

Here are some tips to help you identify job offer scams.

Beware if the Email or Job Posting:

  • Does not indicate the company name
  • Comes from an email address that doesn’t match the company name or is not from an official company email account (scammers often use or email addresses rather than official company email accounts, they even impersonate actual employees at companies but do not use official email addresses)
  • The reply-to address is different from the sender’s address (the sender’s name and address can be faked, but the scammer will have to use another address to get a reply)
  • Offers to pay a large amount for almost no work
  • Offers you a job after minimal or no interaction with you (e.g. there is no real interview)
  • Asks you to pay an application fee
  • Wants you to transfer money from one account to another
  • Offers to send you a check before you do any work
  • Asks you to give your credit card or bank account numbers
  • Asks for copies of personal documents
  • Says you must send payment by wire service or courier
  • Offers you a large payment for allowing the use of your bank account often for depositing checks or transferring money
  • Sends you an unexpectedly large check
  • Legitimate employers will not send payment in advance and ask the employee to send a portion of it back. DO NOT provide any personal information, especially Social Security numbers or financial information!
  • If you receive a job offer via email that you suspect is a scam, DO NOT respond or click on any links. Please report suspicious emails by following the steps below.
  • On the original email, select the three dots next to the “Reply” arrow
  • Select “Report phishing”

If you see a job posting on Handshake that you suspect is a scam, please contact Career Services at [email protected] or 512-223-0399.

If you feel you’ve been the victim of a scam, please contact ACC Police immediately at 512-223-1231.

Important Note: Handshake is ACC’s official platform for connecting students with employers! You may see email communication from Handshake throughout the semester. Please know, this communication is sent from ACC Career Services.

Need help finding a legitimate job?

ACC’s Career Services department is here to assist you on your path to a successful career. If you would like help searching for a job, refining your resume, mastering interview skills, and more, please click here to request an appointment with a Career Specialist. Visit for more information.

Thank you!

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