Best Practices for Faculty

In order to maximize the effectiveness of embedded learning support services, the Embedded Tutor, Academic Coach, and Faculty should discuss goals and expectations prior to and during the course. Communication will be a crucial part of keeping this support team strong and student-centered.

Some of the ways faculty engage with their Embedded Tutor and Academic Coach:

  • Meet with the Embedded Tutor and Academic Coach before class begins and set up a plan — how often will you communicate? Does the tutor/coach have your permission to send announcements? How can we best support each other?
  • Add Blackboard content areas for both the Embedded Tutor and Academic Coach to their Blackboard course menu, where students can get contact information and links to schedule an appointment. We will provide instructions on how to do so.
  • Introduce your Academic Coach and Embedded Tutor to your class. This meeting will help develop connections and lay a solid foundation.
  • Offer extra credit and/or required points for students to meet with their tutor or academic coach and/or attend an Academic Coaching workshop.
  • Encourage students to use their embedded services through emails and class announcements.
Embedded Learning Support for Faculty

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