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William’s Reflection: The Peer Money Mentor Program

Before the pandemic, there were a dozen of us all seated in a circular arrangement within one of the compact meeting rooms at Highland. The topic of the day was about cutting extraneous spending from … Continue reading

Shannon’s Reflection: Peer Money Mentor Program

While participating in ACC’s Peer Money Mentor Program, my entire perception of finances has changed. I know that may sound dramatic, but it’s true! Before this program, I avoided finances and finance based conversations like … Continue reading

Winter Storm Recovery

Snow in Texas. When Snow Storm Uri hit Texas mid February, that week was like a moment in the Twilight Zone. It was all fun and games at first. After all, we haven’t seen snow … Continue reading

How To Use Your Tax Refund

$3,000, $30,000, $1,000,000 and even $11,000,000 have been made (the last one is alleged) by individuals investing in GameStop. It’s all pretty glamorous. But while these investors will be facing the wrath of the capital … Continue reading

William’s Take on “Pressure Creates Diamonds” a Money Management Talk

Hey guys, I recently attended a webinar featuring Patriots linebacker Brandon Copeland and CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger and their talk about finances during the Coronavirus pandemic. Brandon Copeland is definitely a very charismatic guy and … Continue reading

Shannon’s 3 Ps to Maintaining Financial Wellness – the video edition!

Earlier this semester, Shannon wrote a stellar blog post on her three Ps to maintaining financial wellness. The blog post was such a hit, that she kept going and turned it into a video! Here … Continue reading

Do you hear that…..? Is it a mummy groaning..? Perhaps a vampire hissing… Wait… It’s your bank account crying because the holidays are coming! Finances during the holiday don’t have to be spooky. If you … Continue reading

Will’s Review of the Wall Street Journal Workshop, “Managing Your Money in a Crisis”

Hey guys, I had the privilege of being able to attend a workshop hosted by the Wall Street Journal featuring The Finance Bar’s Marsha Barnes. The topic of discussion was managing money in a crisis … Continue reading

Shannon’s 3 Ps to Maintaining Financial Wellness

Now I wanna start by saying that I am by no means a master of personal finances – in fact, I definitely still consider myself to be a beginner. However, because of my time as … Continue reading

Arjana’s Take on iGrad, the Financial Wellness Program for Students

I spent a small part of my Friday afternoon exploring iGrad. iGrad is a website that helps college students and graduates receive a custom financial literacy program. The website serves over 1.2 million students across … Continue reading

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