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Nationwide, crushing student loan debt is a reality for many graduates. How about making it your goal to graduate with zero or minimal student loan debt? Applying for scholarships can help you get there. We know that it can be tedious, but the results are worth it. Have you heard of ABC’s Shark Tank contestant, Christopher Gray who earned $1.3 million in scholarships?

Here are his tips for applying for scholarships:

  1. Apply for smaller scholarships: Smaller scholarships tend to get fewer applicants because most students think they won’t make an impact on the overall cost of college. However, if you win 10-$1,000 scholarships, would you agree that it’s worth it?
  2. A number of scholarship essay questions are similar to one another. It’s smart to write a few essays and then find scholarships with similar essay prompts. This allows you to apply for more scholarships with maximum efficiency.
  3. Apply for scholarships that have very specific requirements, such as being vegetarian, LGBT or left-handed. The more specific a scholarship is, the less competitive it becomes.

Searching for Scholarships

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