How to save money on groceries in our economy! 🍎

How to save money on your groceries and food budget! 🍕

Saving money on groceries can be a daunting task, but there are many ways to make it easier. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Make a grocery list and plan your meals before you shop. This will help you avoid buying items you don’t need and will save you money. Curbside Shopping at HEB (Free if it’s 24 hr in advance)

Buy in bulk when it makes sense. Purchasing items in bulk can help you save money in the long run. If your budget allows, a Sam’s Club Membership is 50% off which makes it $25 for the year. The membership would be about $2 a month to have and it could save you on items you consume in bulk. Examples: paper-towels, toilet paper, etc.

Compare prices. Take a few extra minutes to compare prices of different brands and stores to find the best deal. In the Austin, TX area, the best stores to shop at for a good deal are probably going to be H-E-B and Walmart.

If you’re wanting to splurge on organic and minimally processed items, check out Trader Joe’s as an affordable option. There are 3 locations in Austin, one in Beecave, Downtown, and Arboretum (North Austin). 🥗🥑🍞

Look for coupons and special offers. Check your local paper or online for coupon codes to save even more. I always recommend checking the weekly savings ad on H-E-B’s website or mobile app. Often, they have different meats and produce on sale for the week.

Buy generic or store brands. These often have lower prices than name brands. I’ve noticed that if you look at the ingredients list of an item like Advil, the store-brand version will have the same ingredient at the same potency. Check those labels for food too! We are really lucky we have HEB as our main grocery store here in ATX, because most HEB brand name items are good quality!

Buy produce that is in season. This is usually cheaper than buying produce that is out of season.

Buy frozen fruits and vegetables. These are usually less expensive than fresh produce. Not only is it sometimes cheaper, but if you’re on the go or not quick to consume your fresh produce, you don’t want your produce to spoil in a week. Frozen veggies will do the same job! 🥕🥦

Following these tips can help you save money on groceries. Happy shopping! 🤑

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