Why Every Student Should Tune Into “Financially Inclined”

Here in ACC’s Student Money Management Office, we’re always on the lookout for the best resources, tools, and tips to help you navigate your money journey. Recently, we’ve been catching up on episodes of “Financially Inclined,” a podcast series from Marketplace that provides some pretty great insights into the world of personal finance. My favorite episode so far is “Money is Emotional” – not a topic you’d find in many personal finance textbooks. But, it’s a reality: Our emotions play a significant role in our financial decisions, be it impulse buying or the anxiety of saving for the future. “Financially Inclined” dives deep into the emotional side of money, helping listeners understand and manage their financial feelings.

Get Real-Life Financial Wisdom

“Financially Inclined” isn’t just about understanding the technicalities of managing money. It explores the real-life situations students often face – like buying your first car, deciding whether to use “buy now, pay later” services, or learning how to use a credit card responsibly. Through these topics, the show sheds light on practical money matters that are often overlooked in traditional education.

Learn with a Dynamic Host

With financial literacy advocate Yanely Espinal leading the convo, the podcast series isn’t just a lecture. Through engaging conversations with experts, influencers, and even students, each episode is a learning experience, making managing money more approachable and relatable.

Visual Learning? They’ve Got You!

For those of us who are visual learners (or YouTube fanatics), “Financially Inclined” can be listened to as a podcast or by heading over to their YouTube

Every student, whether you’re buying your first car, starting college, or simply want to make sound financial decisions, can benefit from tuning in. Knowledge is power. And when it comes to your money, the right knowledge can set you on the path to a secure financial future. 

Here’s a link to the “Financially Inclined” podcast website:



Photo credit to Amanda Savinon.

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