Welcome Back, Riverbats! What to know about each ACC campus as the 2024 spring semester begins

Austin Community College District (ACC) welcomes returning and new Riverbats as the spring 2024 semester begins Tuesday, January 16. 

As more students head to one of ACC’s many campuses, here is some information to help you navigate.

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Driving to campus? You will need an ACC parking permit to park on campus. Get your free ACC Parking Permit HERE

Using public transportation? ACC faculty, staff, and eligible students can ride Capital Metro for free. You get unlimited rides on Capital Metro Fixed Route Service, Express Bus Service, MetroAccess, MetroRail services, and their new on-demand transit service, Pickup. 

Need academic or life support? It is all available for FREE to ACC students! All services are available both online and in-person.

Get familiar with the ACC campuses before heading to class. Find out what each campus has to offer.

Cypress Creek Campus

We are excited to welcome students to the Cypress Creek Campus! We are known for our inviting family feel and beautiful campus grounds.

Students can access free tutoring services, a testing center, and the Library. There are academic advisors on-site to help you navigate life in and out of the classroom.

The Cypress Creek Dean of Student Affairs is Dr. Jonathan Tyner, located in the Student Affairs Suite 2114.

Building 1000 houses our vibrant Student Life area with a great common area to unwind, study, or meet fellow students with frequent activities such as Mario Kart races in the multipurpose room. Our Testing Center is also in building 1000.

The Library is located in building 2000 along with our Student Services and Learning Lab.

Northridge Campus

Welcome to the Northridge Campus! Students at this campus can access various support services, including academic advising, career counseling, and free tutoring. Dr. Mervin Jones is the Dean of Student Affairs and is on campus to support students.

Computer centers and library facilities are also available. At ACC Northridge, you’ll be well-equipped to pursue your dreams.

Round Rock Campus

We are excited to welcome students to the Round Rock Campus!

Students have access to free tutoring services, a testing center, and the ACCelerator. There are academic advisors on-site to help you navigate life in and out of the classroom.

Round Rock Campus Dean of Student Affairs is Dr. Louella Tate, and her office is in Building 1000.

The Library is also in Building 1000. Student Life, a bookstore, and food for purchase can be found in Building 2000.

San Gabriel Campus

Welcome to the San Gabriel Campus!

Students can stop by Student Affairs for admissions, advising, student ID badges, and financial aid assistance.

You can also meet the Dean of Student Services, Dr. Roman Escamilla in the Student Affairs suite.

There is also the Accelerator, free tutoring services, career counseling, and more. The Library is on the second floor. We have the faculty, staff, and resources to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!

Highland Campus

The Highland Campus is massive, and it’s easy to feel lost. (Trust us, we get lost in here, too.) But no worries! There’s always faculty, staff, or a police officer nearby who can assist you.

Here are some helpful tips on navigating Highland.

Building 1000 is where most of the basic courses are taught, like Government, English, and the hard sciences. Building 1000 is also home to most student support services, like Financial Aid, Registration, and tutoring. If you’re looking to meet other students or join a club, Student Life is the place to go. Did you know that Building 1000 used to be a JC Penney? Crazy, right.

Building 2000 is where many of our specialized programs exist, like Nursing, Architecture & Engineering, and Manufacturing. If you’re into the fine arts, you’ll likely find Building 4000 to be your home away from home.

Highland takes pride in showcasing students’ work and providing comfortable spaces to enjoy your time outside of class. As you navigate around campus, you’ll see all sorts of multi-media artwork and projects created by students just like yourself. Take a seat at any number of open spaces between classes to relax, study, or socialize.

If you’re feeling hungry, there are vending machines on the lower level of each building; the book store in Building 4000 has a variety of snack foods; and the Culinary department in Building 2000 sells breakfast and lunch items prepared by students.

Still not sure where to begin? Touch base with Dean of Students Olga Eckert in Building 1000 or any member of the Campus Management team in Building 2000 for guidance along your education journey.

Eastview Campus

We are excited to welcome students to the Eastview Campus!

The Eastview Campus is known for being home to all of the Health Science programs at ACC. But there is so much more for students.

Students have access to free tutoring services and a testing center. There are academic advisors on-site to help you navigate life, both in and out of the classroom.

Eastview Campus Dean of Student Affairs is Christina Michura, and her office is in Building 2000. The Library is also in Building 2000.

Among some of the more unique amenities, students can find food, coffee, and other food needs at the Riverbat Cafe located in the student lounge in Building 2000.

While in the Student Lounge, they may visit the African-American Cultural center which is located adjacent to the student lounge.

Eastview is also host to an evening drop off child-care program for students who need childcare while attending classes in the evening.

Elgin Campus

Welcome to the Elgin Campus!

We are a unique campus in many ways, namely for having a working farm on campus for our Agricultural Sciences Department program students. Our Ag Sciences students have a market in Buildings 1000 and 2000 every Monday with fresh harvest for sale.

We also have our Veterinary Technology Program, which uses cats and dogs from the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, which are provided veterinary health care and health maintenance services by the Vet Tech students and then put up for adoption each semester. Both programs are located in Building 2000 and 3000.

In Building 1000, students may utilize our Student Life(1st Floor), Learning Lab (2nd Floor), Library (3rd Floor), and Assessment Center (3rd Floor).
We have a large population of Early College High School students on our campus from three (3) surrounding ISD’s.

If you have any questions about our ECHS program, please call Devon Miller, ECHS Manager, at 512-223-9465.

For Admissions, Advising, Counseling, Student Accessibility and Support Services, and Financial Aid, we have our Student Affairs Suite located on the 1st Floor.

Our Dean of Students is Dr. Heather Elias, who can be reached at 512-223-9407.

We have vending machines on the first floor in our Student Commons area with a variety of snacks and drinks.

If you need further assistance or have any other questions, please go by our Campus Manager Info Desk located on the first floor by the North Main Entrance, our team is happy to help you find your way and welcome you!

Rio Grande Campus

We are excited to welcome students to the Rio Grande Campus!

Initially built in 1916, RGC has recently completed an incredible renovation. Be sure to use the ample parking just off 12th Street in our 7-floor parking garage.

RGC 1000 has four floors, and all of our course and lab classrooms are on each floor. The zero level is where most student services are found. Start with Student Affairs, where you can meet with Admissions, Financial Aid, SAS, or Advising. This floor has the vibrant Student Life, where fun is always on the menu. Our Library is also on this floor, where friendly staff can assist with research questions. The Campus Manager’s office is next to Student Life and can assist you with a bus pass, lost and found, or help get you where you need to go. Just down the hall is our ACC Police Office, where you can report an incident, be escorted to your car, or gain assistance with a battery jump or keys locked in your car.

The official first floor has our Engineering, Physical Science, and CSIT classrooms, as well as two dynamic common atriums. Stop by Café Rio or our vending machines for a snack. The ACCelerator and Learning Lab are on the first floor, where you can find tutoring, 99 computers available for student use, and staff always available to help.

Biology labs and the Army Software Factory are on the 2nd floor. The top floor is where most classrooms can be found, as well as Chemistry and our Testing Center. Additional vending machines are conveniently located by the elevators on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

While many offices for instructors and staff are in RGC 1000, many can be found just across the street in RGC 3000. Please make appointments with those housed in 3000, as the front doors are locked and require a staff badge to access the building. There is a collaborative space on the top floor of 3000, where space can be rented for events.

Still, trying to figure out where to begin? Connect with our Dean of Student Affairs, Tony Wright, in Building 1000 on the zero floor for guidance along your education journey.

South Austin Campus

We welcome you to South Austin Campus!

South Austin Campus is a small, lovely, and cozy campus with outstanding dedicated staff willing to assist in any way. We serve a large volume of Early College High School Students.

Campus Manager’s Office, Campus Police Office, Student lounge, Students Affairs, Learning Lab, Testing Center, and Blender Cafe are located on the 1st floor, along with Dean of Students Affairs, Diana Hernandez-Quinonez, located in Room 1105.

The Library, Digital Fluency & Innovation Department, Computer Lab, and Educational Technology Support are located on the 2nd floor.

Biology and Chemistry labs are located on the 3rd floor, along with General Classrooms.

Hays Campus

We are excited to welcome students to Hays Campus for Spring 2024!

Students at the campus can access free tutoring services in the learning lab in room 1205.00.

If you need any testing-related assistance, the testing center can be found in room 1113.00, and for any reading or research material, you can visit the library in room 1304.00.

If you need any academic guidance or support, academic advisors are present on-site to assist you both in and out of the classroom.

The Hays Campus Dean of Student Affairs is Jim Boullosa, and his office is located inside Student Affairs 1104.00.

Additionally, you can find Student Life in room 1118.00. You can purchase food from the student commons area or vending machines on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

ACC Police office is located in the front lobby of building 1000.

Riverside Campus

We welcome you to Riverside Campus.

Riverside is a highly energetic, vibrant, brilliant, and diverse campus. We are home to a range of Early College High School students along with working students of all ages. Nestled along the Riverside Golf course, you will find a serene setting of trees and shy wildlife.

In Building A, you will find the Assessment/Testing Center, Computer Center and Library on the 1st floor.

The Campus Manager’s Office and Campus Police Office are located on the 2nd floor.

In Building G, you will find the Student Life lounge, Students Affairs along with Admission and Enrollment and Financial Aid.

Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Cynthia Tanner is located in Building G/Suite 8125. The Bookstore is located in Building G/Suite 8142.

We are honored to have the Latin American Cultural Center “El Centro” located in Building G, 2nd floor. Our balcony overlooks Downtown Austin.

The Blue on Green Cafe offers a variety of foods and beverages and is located in Building F.

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