Student Rights & Responsibilities

ACC Student Rights & Responsibilities

ACC promotes an environment that enhances academic, cultural, and social enrichment for students, faculty, and staff. Student Rights and Responsibilities purpose is to provide support when faced with barriers. Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately, assume responsibility for their own behavior, and respect the learning environment for others in the College community. To ensure a respectful learning environment for all members of the College community, student rights and responsibilities, and student discipline policies have been established at the college.

Rights & Responsibilities

Student Standards of Conduct

The purpose of student conduct is to acknowledge responsibility, promote learning experiences, and personal growth. Violations to the code of conduct could result in disciplinary action that includes sanctions.

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Academic Integrity and Disciplinary Process

Academic integrity is to take responsibility for one’s own work and respect the work of others. This includes being honest, respectful, and responsible with the work of others. Acts of academic dishonesty/misconduct undermine the learning process, present a disadvantage to students who earn credit honestly, and subvert the academic mission of the institution.

Student Complaint Procedures

In the spirit of promoting an exchange of knowledge in an environment that encourages honesty, support, and respect, ACC has established student complaint procedures. The student complaint procedures are set to address concerns that arise within the College community.  The purpose of the following student complaint process is to define appropriate processes for complaints, ensure due process for all parties to the complaint, and comply with the obligations imposed by federal regulations for receiving, responding to and tracking student complaints.

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Student Grade Disputes

All course grades are awarded by the instructor of record. At the beginning of the course, your instructor will inform you of course requirements and grading policies. Your instructor shall exercise professional judgment in the application of those policies and the awarding of grades. All grades are final except in the case of college error.

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