Student Complaints

Student Complaints is divided in two sections: Non-Academic Complaints and Non-Grade Student Complaints. See details below.

Non-Academic Complaints

Non-academic complaints are related to (but not limited to) issues with College services and offices, or interactions with employees. In the event that a disagreement occurs with an ACC employee, it is encouraged that students first attempt informal resolution with the appropriate College official. Students will find that most situations can be effectively addressed and resolved in this manner.

A student who has an unresolved disagreement with an employee may initiate formal complaint procedures. ACC is committed to assisting students and employees in reaching disagreement resolution in a fair and systematic manner.

The goal of the complaint process is to address concerns promptly, fairly and constructively reaching a resolution collaboratively with the student.

Non-Grade Student Complaints

Non-Grade Student Complaints should be discussed with your instructor. If you have questions about your final course grade, you must contact your instructor within three months after the grade was awarded. If you cannot contact the instructor, contact the department chair. (If the department chair is also the instructor who awarded the grade, the appropriate dean or vice chancellor shall act in place of the department chair.)

If the grade awarded was not the grade your instructor intended, your instructor will initiate a Grade Change Request Form to correct the error. Address any follow-up questions to your instructor or the department chair.

If the grade awarded was the grade your instructor intended, but you believe there was an error, you may request a formal “Review of Final Course Grade.”

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