Meet Your New Student Government Association Members: Marisela Perez Maita

Austin Community College District’s (ACC) Student Government Association (SGA) is an integral part of the college. SGA serves as the official voice of the student body to link, promote, and improvise both the social and educational experience between the college community, students, and ACC administration. 

During the regular October 2023 board meeting, new officers were sworn in to serve for the academic year. Meet the newest members of SGA.

Marisela Perez Maita, a General Studies major, began at ACC in 2022. She serves as the president of SGA.

When I immigrated to the United States in 2021, it meant a significant change in my life. Despite the recurring fear of facing a big change, my goal was to continue studying. Austin Community College gave me the opportunity and resources to do so. Since the moment I enrolled at ACC, I got involved with different departments and programs because I knew that was the only way to be part of the ACC community and take advantage of all the resources that are here for us. 

Through volunteering in Student Life, I learned about ACCENT Student Media, the student-led newspaper of ACC. There, I found my passion for writing and connecting with people, which helped me discover my career path. Now, I know this is the degree path for me, and next year I’ll start my Journalism degree program. Moreover, as a reporter, I could see that a lot of what we talked about in the ACCENT news was closely related to the student’s needs and interests that often went unresolved. 

That’s why I joined SGA, because it is the association that should bring to the table what is happening on our campuses. I believe what we do in SGA, what student organizations and students do, is mutually beneficial. Everything is part of the big wave of ACC students who want to make their voices heard and make a difference here. I want to be part of that change, especially since it is my last year, and I really want to leave something behind to make sure that the ACC that I leave is much better than the one I found. 

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