Volunteer Opportunities

RB and a volunteer at a food distribution posing for the camera looking back and pointing their fingers at the person taking the photo
RB standing in the center between two volunteers holding up their bat hands at a food distribution

Looking to give back while building a stronger Riverbat community? ACC has a variety of volunteer opportunities both on and off campus.

On-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Grocery Pick-Ups on ACC Campuses

ACC has partnered with Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB), El Buen Samaritano, and HCCM’s Fresh Food for All (FFFA) to host Grocery Pick-Ups on ACC campuses and provide fresh food for students and staff!

ACC students, staff, and faculty are invited to volunteer to help make these events a success. View the grocery pick-up schedule here.

Feel free to reach out via email with any questions: [email protected].

Signing People In at Grocery Pick-Ups

Becoming an official Intake Volunteer at ACC Grocery Pick-Ups requires a little bit of extra training. If you’re interested in welcoming and signing-in participants on the front lines, please select yes on the form: Intake Sign-Up. We’re always looking for volunteers who are proficient in languages!

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Community Resources Research

Volunteer to help research supportive community resources to share with students, faculty, and staff at ACC. Help vet resources to share by calling the organization, gathering necessary information, and recording answers.

For more information or to volunteer, email [email protected]

Riverbat Reach

Riverbat Reach at ACC 
Find more information about on-campus and community volunteer opportunities.


Service-Learning at ACC
Service-Learning is a form of experiential learning that integrates community service into the curricular objectives of an academic course.  Questions? Email [email protected].


ACC Green Team
Campus Green Teams are faculty, staff, and students who volunteer to improve environmental sustainability at their campus. Questions? Email [email protected]

Green Volunteering Opportunities with Sustainable ACC
Many volunteer opportunities are listed from gardening, educating, building, care for animals, and much more.

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