FutureCATS is a transfer support program for students at Austin Community College who plan to transfer to Texas State University and complete a bachelor’s degree in one of the five academic pathways listed below:

  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Nursing

Eligible students will receive guidance while enrolled at ACC to ensure they are progressing toward their goal of becoming a successful transfer student. Students will be required to participate in activities that help build a strong academic foundation. As a FutureCAT, you will be connected with ACC’s student affairs and academic networks as well as having access to Texas State admissions advisors, university tours, and exclusive information sessions and events just for you!

Join FutureCATS

Texas State Transfer Navigation at ACC Campuses

Texas State University’s Transfer Center is now offering Transfer Navigation appointments on ACC Campuses during the fall and spring semesters! Schedule time to speak with a Transfer Navigator.


Why should I sign up?

The goals of the FutureCATS program are to help ensure you are taking classes that transfer and apply toward your bachelor’s degree (which will save you time and money), build a connection with your Riverbat and Bobcat communities, and utilize all resources available that support success in your academic journey.

FutureCATS will receive access to Texas State activities and resources while enrolled at ACC. Semester by semester guidance from ACC’s expert transfer team, academic and faculty advisors, and student affairs departments will be provided to support your academic, financial, and social needs.

You will have access to the FutureCATS website, receive guidance from FutureCAT advisors, and connect with a community of Riverbats and Bobcats.

What is required from participants?

FutureCAT members will:

  • Commit to participating in identified ACC and Texas State events including: transfer information sessions, financial resources presentations, academic advising from ACC and Texas State, tutoring and academic support services, university tours and more.
  • Utilize existing resources that are proven to support a successful transfer and we ask that they respond to communication from ACC’s transfer team.

Who is eligible to be a FutureCAT?

The FutureCATS program was created to support ACC and Texas State University’s work with the Equity Transfer Initiative (ETI) grant.

The ETI is aimed at improving transfer rates for Latinx and Black students who begin at ACC and intend to transfer to Texas State; however, all students interested in transferring to Texas State in the five academic pathways are eligible to participate in this program.

You must be enrolled at Austin Community College to join.

Which majors fall within the five academic pathways?

  1. Business: Texas State offers Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing within the Business pathway. ACC students planning to transfer and earn a degree in one of these areas should select Business Administration as their major at ACC.
  2. Computer Science: Texas State offers a Bachelor’s of Arts and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science in the Computer Science pathway. ACC students planning to transfer and earn a degree in one of these areas should select Computer Science as their major at ACC.
  3. Education: Texas State offers Bachelor’s of Science in Bilingual/Bicultural Education, Elementary Education, Middle Level Education, and Special Education within the Education pathway. ACC students planning to transfer and earn a degree in one of these areas should select EC-6, 4-8, or 8-12 Grade Levels as their major at ACC.
  4. Engineering: Texas State offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial, Electrical, Manufacturing, and Civil Engineering within the Engineering pathway. ACC students planning to transfer and earn a degree in one of these areas should select Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Electrical Engineering as their major at ACC.
  5. Nursing: Texas State offers a traditional BSN and an RN to BSN program within their Nursing pathway. ACC students planning to transfer and earn a degree via Texas State’s traditional BSN program should select a major at ACC that includes the required prerequisites like our General Studies in Pre-Health Sciences. It is recommended students work closely with their AoS advisor. Students interested in the RN to BSN program at Texas State who are completing their RN at ACC may be enrolled in the Nursing Traditional Track or the Nursing Mobility Track program at ACC.

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