Helpful Transfer Resources

Helpful Transfer Resources 

Transfer Prep Guide This guide includes recommendations on what you can do now to help you successfully transfer to a 4-year institution.
Transfer Research Worksheet Planning a successful transfer includes exploration of potential transfer destinations, their programs, and admissions requirements. Keep track of your research by using this document.
Assured Admissions Information Many universities have assured (or guaranteed) admissions. This list includes transfer admissions requirements for universities in Texas.
BAAS Programs in Texas Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) programs are a transfer pathway for students who have completed an Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) at ACC. This list includes BAAS programs available in Texas.
Transfer 101 This Blackboard Extension has helpful transfer planning tips that you can access 24/7. If you’re already signed up, access it through your blackboard account. If not, fill out the request form. Watch this video to learn more.
Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) The TCCNS website helps students and their advisors determine both course equivalency and degree applicability of transfer credit between Texas institutions.
Resources to Plan Your Transfer
How To: Academic Resume Information on what you should include on an academic resume, helpful tips, and an example academic resume.
How To: Letter of Recommendation Coming soon
How To: Transferology A video guide on how to use Transferology. Transferology is a tool many universities use to help students understand which credits will transfer and how they will be evaluated.
Application Assistance Resources

University Exploration

These websites allow you to identify universities across the nation by location, major, course modality, distance from home, and more to help you find your best fit transfer destination.

Big Future
College Scorecard
College Insight Spotlight
Princeton Review
College Scorecard
University Exploration Resources

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