Upcoming Events

Black History Month

We are partnering with the African-American Cultural Center and BRASS to celebrate Black History Month here at ACC. Check out the Black History Month page for a list of all of the events across the college.

Salon/Barbershop Talk: What defines culture?!

Tuesday, February 20

Time: 1:30 pm

Description: What is your definition of culture? How do you know? What maintains it or changes it? What about your upbringing, relationships, morals and values, your access to social media, literature, art, and music, societal norms, herd mentality, and pressure to conform, comply, and succeed? No matter what your definition is, we want to get to the bottom of it all! Join us for an interactive discussion that will dive into examining the elements of culture and behavior, both learned and innate, and how they have and will continue to shape perspectives and preserve the diverse traditions and rich artistry that we know and love.

Cooking with Chef Currie

Friday, February 16

Time: Noon

They say cooking is an art that was created with imagination and skill. Join us as Chef Currie showcases a beautiful masterpiece of culinary art through skill and imagination that will surely be appetizing!

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