ACC Truth Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) leadership, staff and stakeholders participate in a photo shoot on Monday, November 17, 2021, at the Highland Campus.

Racial Healing Circles

What is a racial healing circle? It’s an opportunity to connect and talk about your own lived experience and learn from others. Racial healing circles create a caring environment where empathy is allowed to flourish and people from all walks of life can engage in courageous conversations about race and personal experience.

A Racial Healing Circle is…

  • An experience in understanding our common humanity and learning to see ourselves in one another.
  • Stories as a powerful tool for promoting racial healing and equity.
  • An inclusive, expansive, and ongoing process.

ACC Facilitators

Dr. Khayree Williams

Loretta Edelen

Lisa Lopez

Terry Barksdale

Jessica Oest

Trissi Johnson

Amy Finney

Jeffrey Webb

Dr. Melissa Biegert

Nicole Bell

Paula McDermott

Caroline Orozco

Saphiro Guzman

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