Steering Committee

A steering committee representing various ACC departments and constituencies met to discuss the vision for the ACC Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center. The steering committee will work to ensure the TRHT Campus Center reflects local needs and interests. Members of the steering committee are:

Angela-Jo Touza Medina    
Angela Ward    
Arnold Bellow    
Chas Moore    
Chelsea Biggerstaff    
Chris Cervini    
Christopher Kennedy    
Clarence Watson    
Courtney Robinson    
Eva Rios-Lleverino    
Emanuel Limuel    
Emilio Zamora    
Frank Reid    
Gabriel Estrada    
Heather Elias    
Helen Dailey    
James Puglisi    
Jon Olson    
Kathryn Dalrymple    
Kathryn Lessley    
Kelly Crook    
Kenneth Thompson    
Khotan Shabazi-Harmon    
Laura Donnelly    
Lauren Juniper Ross    
Loretta Edelen    
Marina Bhargava    
Martha Koock Ward    
Mohammed Elghoul    
Nong Xiong    
Patricia Scott    
Raul Alvarez    
Rocio Villalobos    
Samuel Echevarria-Cruz    
Samuel Yamthe    
Shane Whalley    
Shasta Buchanan    
Sherwynn Patton    
Shirin Khosropour    
Jessica “Skye” Howell    
Suki Steinhauser    
Susan Thomason    
Teresa Ashley    
Terry Barksdale    
Troy Gay    

Meeting Schedule

 Sept.19  11:00- 1:00  HTU 
 Oct. 3  11:00-1:00  ACC
 Nov. 14  11:00-1:00  SEU
 Dec. 5 11:00-1:00   Willie Mae Kirk Library
 Jan. 16 11:00-1:00   Asian American Resource Center
 Feb. 20  11:00-1:00   Del Valle ISD
March 13 11:00-1:00  Asian Cultural Center
April 17 11:00-1:00  Mexican American Cultural Center
May 8 11:00-1:00  ACC
June 5 11:00-1:00  HTU

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