A Day in the Life: Meet ACC RTF graduate Juan Avalos

Follow Austin Community College District (ACC) student Juan Avalos as he works to make his directorial debut in ACCTV’s latest episode of “A Day in the Life.” During his time at the college, Juan worked as an intern for ACCTV.

“[ACCTV] has been a great program that taught me a lot of what I need to know and really put me ahead of the curve compared to some other editors. That instruction that I got there was instrumental in my knowledge from both the technical standpoint and being able to operate in a live setting,” says Juan.

Watch the newest episode of Day in the Life in the YouTube video above.

Juan graduated from ACC’s Radio-Television-Film program in December 2022. Since completing his degree, Juan has worked at Samsung and Rooster Teeth Productions and produced award-winning short films.

ACCTV allows students to gain real-world experience and collaborate with the community to develop and produce original programming.

To learn more about ACCTV, click here

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