AmeriCorps Service Award

You may be able to earn money for college through AmeriCorps if you participated in the national volunteer service organization.

Visit AmeriCorps to get started.

Request education award funds

Once your AmeriCorps service ends, complete these steps to apply your education award to ACC tuition and fees.  

  1. Register for ACC credit or Continuing Education classes.
  2. Log in to My AmeriCorps.
  3. Create and submit a request online for your AmeriCorps Education Award benefits.
  4. When creating your request:
  • Give Austin Community College as the school name (ID No. 35129).
  • Select to apply your funds to a current or upcoming semester and year.
  • Indicate that the award is for “Educational Expenses.” (Requests for “forbearance” or “to pay off student loans” are not accepted.)
  1. Your request will be sent to ACC to certify that the payment requested is for current educational expenses.  
  2. Check your email for notice that your request has been approved or denied. Follow the instructions in the notice.
  3. Pay your ACC tuition and fees by your tuition deadline. You will be issued a refund once ACC receives the money from AmeriCorps.

Once ACC receives the payment and applies it to your tuition and fees, you will receive any remaining funds through your selected preference with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc.

Awards are split into two payments, at the beginning and middle of the semester.

Questions?  Email [email protected]

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