Scholarship Tips and How-Tos

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1 in 4 ACC students receive scholarship money after submitting an application. Get real advice from students and scholarship specialists to help you submit a successful application.

Scholarship Tips from ACC Students

Preparing to Apply for Scholarships

I’m not really a straight-A student, should I still apply for scholarships?

ACC awards hundreds of scholarships to students based on their interests, heritage, work experience, and financial need, as well as good grades. With so many scholarships and 1 in 4 students receiving funds, submitting your application puts you in a great position to get money for college.

Do I need to complete my FAFSA before I start applying for scholarships?

You can apply and be accepted for scholarships before completing your FAFSA. However, after I finally finished my FAFSA with help from Financial Aid, I found out there was free grant money for me, in addition to my scholarships.

Filling Out the Application

Why does the scholarship application ask for work experience & what should I include?

Many scholarships are awarded to students based on their work history, so you should include any employment under work experience! For volunteer work, make sure to include it as a part of your community involvement resume, instead.

Can I take a break from the application & return later to finish?

Absolutely, I took a break after getting about halfway through and it made the rest of the application way easier for me. Just make sure to click “Save and Keep Editing” before leaving the page.

How do I get help completing my scholarship application?

Student Support Specialists are super helpful and work 1-on-1 to not only help you finish your application, but make it as good as you can to boost your scholarship chances. Email or schedule a virtual appointment today for help earning your scholarship money! 

Finishing the Application & Writing a Personal Statement

Before I submit, should I submit anything under “Additional Documents?”

When you submit your application, you can also attach any additional documents that would help you get a scholarship. For example, an award letter for leadership in an extracurricular could boost your chances at many scholarships. Any practical experience or commitment to a hobby works too, to help show what you care about and are involved in. You can also upload a letter of recommendation.

What is a scholarship personal statement and how do I write one?

A personal statement (in this case) is a 250-500 word essay that helps us get to know you, your achievements and goals for college, and community involvement. Sharing your personal story within your essay helps us get to know you better. For help with your personal statement, contact the Learning Lab in your ACCelerator or visit ACC Online Tutoring.

Once my application is submitted, what’s my next step?

Filling out the application is all you need to do! You are automatically matched with scholarships that you meet the qualifications for and are best suited to you. If you’re selected, ACC’s Scholarship Office will notify you at your ACC email mid-summer.

Scholarship Dates and Deadlines

Use the scholarship dates listed below when submitting your application.

Fall January 15 May 1 July
Spring October 1 November

More Scholarship FAQs

Do I need to have my high school transcript to apply for a scholarship?

Incoming high school freshmen will need to upload their high school transcript when they submit the ACC General Scholarship Application. You can upload this at the end of the application, and it can be an unofficial copy.

Will my scholarship automatically be applied to tuition and fees?

The majority of ACC Foundation Scholarships are paid directly toward tuition and fees by the start of the semester. Depending on the amount of the scholarship, a book stipend may also be issued.

What is a merit based scholarship vs. a needs based scholarship?

Merit based scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic success and achievements, such as high grades. A need-based scholarship is awarded based on the financial need of a student as determined through the FAFSA.

What is a community involvement resume and why do I need it?

A community involvement resume is where you can list volunteer work, involvement with clubs and organizations, and other non-employment experience. When completing the application, you can attach a community involvement resume to show what you are interested and involved with, which will help ACC figure out what scholarships you can earn!

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