Accessibility Services – Current or Returning Students

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We are glad you’re here. Here is what you need to do to get your semester off to a successful start!

Request Accommodations

Accommodations must be requested each semester and can be requested at any time during the semester, however, SAS strongly encourages you to request them at the beginning of the semester.

If you want to request additional accommodations during the semester, please contact SAS as soon as possible.

  • Accommodations are not retroactive so we encourage you to request your letters whether you think you will need them or not.
  • Accommodations do not go into effect until your instructor receives your letter.

Please request your classroom accommodations every semester through AIM by clicking on this link.

For a step-by-step of the accommodation request process, please review this tutorial we created for you!

Accommodations Determinations

Students have a right to request the accommodations they believe they may need, however, there are times when SAS has to deny the requested accommodation.

Accommodations may be denied because:

  • The request would alter an essential requirement of the course.
  • The information gathered during the interactive process does not support the request.
  • The request is not reasonable or appropriate.
  • The requested accommodation would give the student an unfair advantage over other students.
  • The documentation provided does not support the request.

Accommodated Testing

Before you can schedule a testing appointment, make sure that you have given your accommodation letter to your instructor and have reminded them that you will be testing with your accommodations.

If you have been approved for any of the following accommodations, your test/quiz must be scheduled at least five business days in advance in order for you to test.

  • Kurzweil/Text to speech, or other screen reader
  • Access assistant (reader/scribe)
  • Your test or quiz is timed
  • Magnifiers (CCTV, JAWS, MAGIC, Zoom Text, etc.)
  • Enlarged font, alternative format for printed exams
  • Use of Speech Recognition software

Please visit our Testing Accommodations page for more information and to schedule your tests.

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