Testing Accommodations

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) helps students with testing accommodations and test administration for their classes.

You must meet with SAS to discuss your accommodations and provide your instructor with your letters before you will be able to test. Inform your instructor if you intend to take your tests, including quizzes, with accommodations.

If you haven’t gotten your accommodation letters yet, please complete the Testing Accommodations Request before scheduling tests.

If you have been approved for any of the following accommodations, your test/quiz must be scheduled at least five business days in advance for you to test.

  • Kurzweil/text to speech, or other screen reader
  • Access assistant (reader/scribe)
  • Your test or quiz is timed
  • Magnifiers (CCTV, JAWS, MAGIC, Zoom Text, etc.)
  • Enlarged font, alternative format for printed exams
  • Use of speech recognition software

Please see below for additional information and instructions.

Scheduling a Test

  • Provide a copy of your Notice of Approved Accommodations to your instructor.
  • Based on your syllabus or course information for test dates and deadlines, fill out the SAS Test Request form for the date you plan to take an exam.
    • Note: please submit a new form for each test.
    • We recommend that you submit the form for each of your tests at the beginning of the semester, using dates from the syllabus. If you need to change one of the dates, please email SAStest@austincc.edu.
    • Fill out the form at least 5 days (one week) prior to your test.
    • If you make your request outside one week window, you may be required to take your test without accommodations.
  • Provide the following information available when scheduling your test:
    • course number
    • course name
    • course section
    • test number
    • instructor’s name.
  • Immediately inform your instructor of your scheduled test date. SAS Testing staff will contact your instructor for test information. Once your instructor has provided SAS Testing with your test information, we will contact you via the SAStest@austincc.edu email to provide you with additional instructions.
  • On test day:
    • Plan to log in at your scheduled time. You are marked “no show” if you arrive more than 15 minutes late.
    • Tests will not be rescheduled because of lack of preparation time, etc.
    • You cannot use auxiliary test aids such as calculators or formula tables unless authorized by your instructor or SAS
    • You must turn in your test at the allotted time.
    • Abide by the Student Standards of Conduct (link to catalog) when taking tests. Cases of scholastic dishonesty will be reported to your instructor and to the campus dean of student services.
    • Please note that you will need to contact your instructor directly to change test dates beyond the published deadline.

My test has to be proctored. What should I expect?

For your test with SAS proctoring, you will need the following:

  1. A Windows or Mac PC/laptop or Chromebook.
  2. A functioning Webcam. Your camera is to remain on at all times during the exam.
  3. Microphone for your laptop
  4. Valid picture ID: Student ID preferred
  5. (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport or other government forms of ID are valid along with your ACC student ID#)
  6. Any allowed testing materials per professor’s instructions

What to expect:

A half-hour prior to your test, you will receive an email from SAStest@austincc.edu with a link for your proctoring session and the name of a proctor. There might be more than one proctor during the test.

You will be asked to identify yourself, survey your testing area, and demonstrate there is no cell phone and/or no recording devices around you.

You will need to share your screen with the proctor(s); refusal to share your screen will end your test.

Your testing session will be recorded to submit to your professor for review.

If you have been approved for breaks as an accommodation, you must notify the proctor when you will take a break; breaks cannot exceed the given time limit.

If you have not completed your test within your approved time limit, you will be asked to submit your test regardless of your progress. Refusal to do so will be reported to your professor.

Any suspicious activity may result in the termination of your test session and will be reported.

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