Testing Accommodations

Current SAS students must request their Faculty Notification Letters through AIM before they may schedule exams with testing accommodations.

If instructors cannot accommodate student testing accommodations in a classroom or departmental setting, then students must submit an exam request through the AIM Student Portal. For a tutorial on submitting an exam request, click here.

Students also may cancel or modify a submitted exam request through the AIM Student Portal. For a tutorial on cancelling or modifying an existing exam request, click here.

Additional Information and Instructions

  • Submit a new exam request for each test
  • Complete the exam request at least 5 business days (one week) prior to the test.
  • If a student submits a request outside the 5 business day window, they may be required to test without accommodations
  • SAS Tip: Submit the exam request for each test at the beginning of the semester, using dates listed in the syllabus. 

On Test Day:

  • Plan to test at the scheduled time. For hours and locations of campus Testing Centers, click here.
  • Auxiliary test aids such as calculators or formula tables are permitted only when authorized by an instructor or SAS staff
  • Tests are due when allotted time expires
  • Abide by the Student Standards of Conduct during testing. Cases of scholastic dishonesty will be reported to instructors and the campus Dean of Student Services.
  • Students must contact instructors directly to request an extension beyond the instructor’s published deadline. SAS and Testing Center staff will not approve extension requests.

For online exams with SAS proctoring, students need the following:

  1. A Windows or Mac PC/laptop or Chromebook
  2. A functioning Webcam, which must remain remain on at all times during the exam
  3. Microphone for laptop
  4. Valid photo ID; ACC student ID preferred (driver’s license; state, military, passport, or other government forms of ID are valid along with ACC student ID number)
  5. Permitted testing materials, per professor’s instructions

What to expect during an online exam:

  • Half an hour (30 minutes) prior to a scheduled test, students receive an email from [email protected] with a link for the proctoring session and the proctor’s name
  • Proctor will ask the student to present a photo ID, survey the testing area, and demonstrate there are no cell phones and/or recording devices
  • Student must share their screen with the proctor(s); refusal will end the test session immediately
  • The testing session is recorded and submitted to the professor for review
  • Students with approved for breaks as an accommodation must notify the proctor when they need a break; breaks cannot exceed the given time limit, and the clock does not stop during breaks
  • Students must submit their test when time expires, regardless of whether or not the exam is complete. Refusal to do so is reported to the professor.
  • Any suspicious activity may result in the termination of a test session and will be reported.

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