Deaf/Blind Tuition Exemptions

Students with a hearing or vision-related disability may be eligible for a tuition and fee exemption. The purpose of this program is to help enable blind and deaf students to attend public colleges or universities in the state of Texas. 

To meet the eligibility requirements for Texas Education Code (TEC) 54.364, as amended January 1, 2012, you must be:

  1. A Texas Resident as defined by the Texas Coordinating Board rules.
  2. A high school graduate or its equivalent (GED).
  3. Either deaf or blind. Deaf is defined as a person whose sense of hearing is nonfunctional for normal conversation after all necessary medical treatment, surgery, and use of hearing aids are utilized. Blind is defined by Section 91.051(5) of the Human Resources Code.

Also, please note that if you have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and/or more than 90 hours of college credits, you will not be eligible to use a tuition exemption for ACC classes.

Finally, to determine eligibility for the tuition exemption, you must submit the following to Student Accessibility Services (SAS):

  1. Complete the SAS Application for Services and Accommodations.
  2. Certification of your disability. Statement on letterhead from the Texas Workforce Commission- Division of Blind Services or Division for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services stating that you are a person who is deaf or blind according to the above-mentioned criteria OR diagnostic proof of disability from an ophthalmologist, audiologist, ENT, or other appropriate practitioner. This information must be on letterhead with the appropriate signature.
  3. A Letter of Recommendation from a principal, public official, instructor, employer, or otherwise responsible person who is willing to serve as a reference.
  4. A Written Statement of Purpose describing your reason for attending ACC, the degree you are seeking, and your plan for how this will help you vocationally. Please include your name, ACC student identification number, phone number, and/or email address. Your letter must include your signature.

Note: All documentation should be turned in as soon as possible after completing the enrollment steps. Tuition exemptions cannot be processed until we have received all of the above items from you

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