Family Contribution Appeal

You may be eligible for more money to pay for college if your financial situation has changed. ACC’s financial aid representatives can review these changes and help you update your FAFSA application. This process is called an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Appeal.

Examples of Qualifying Circumstances

  • Death of a spouse or parent
  • Disability
  • End of benefits, such as unemployment, child support, etc.
  • Family business closure
  • One-time income, such as severance pay, rollovers, capital gains, emergency withdrawals from retirement accounts, etc.
  • Separation or divorce
  • Significant reduction in household earnings
  • Unusual medical expenses paid by student, spouse, or parent

This is not a complete list. If you think you might qualify for an EFC Appeal, contact any campus Financial Aid Office to discuss your eligibility. 

Note: If your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is 0, you cannot qualify for an EFC Appeal.

How to Request an EFC Appeal 

Follow these steps to submit an EFC Appeal Form (Special Circumstances Form):

  1. Complete the financial aid application steps for the current school year. You must have a FAFSA application on file before you can submit an EFC Appeal.
  2. Contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your circumstances and eligibility. We are here to help in-person or online. Appointments are available but not required.
  3. Submit EFC Appeal forms on your StudentForms portal. (TASFA students will be provided with a paper Appeal form.) 
  4. Submit additional documentation online to support your case. Required supporting documents may include:
    • Tax returns for applicable years
    • Signed letter from employers stating the beginning and end date (if applicable) of employment, hours worked per week, and hourly wage rate
    • Copies of the most recent pay stub from all employers for the current year
    • Last Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and DD Form 214 (Military consideration)

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