Course Withdrawal & Repayment

Repayment schedule

  • If the withdrawal occurs before the first day of classes, you must repay all your financial aid.
  • If the withdrawal occurs on or after the first day of classes, the Financial Aid Office uses a federal formula to determine the amount of financial aid you must repay.
  • Within 45 days of the date you withdraw, you must repay the funds to ACC, which will return those funds to the federal aid programs from which they came.
  • Students who owe a repayment of financial aid will be responsible to repay those funds before receiving additional aid.

Official withdrawal

If you withdraw from all classes during a semester or session, the date you withdraw is your official withdrawal date unless documented otherwise. The official withdrawal date is used to determine if you may need to repay financial aid.

Unofficial withdrawal

Under federal regulations, students who make unsatisfactory grades in all classes for a semester are considered an unofficial withdrawal unless they engaged in some academic activity beyond the 60 percent point of the semester. At ACC, unsatisfactory grades are F and I.

For any student for whom the last date of academic activity cannot be documented as occurring on or after the 60 percent point of semester, the withdrawal date will be considered the mid-point of the semester unless documented otherwise.

Academic standing

Dropping or withdrawing from a class also may damage your academic standing. Consult any campus Advising Office if you intend to drop a class.

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