Outside Scholarship Disbursement

An outside scholarship is a scholarship awarded by an organization other than ACC. Community based organizations and employers are common examples.

Please note that the information on this page does not apply to internal ACC Foundation scholarships or the Career Scholars Program.

Disbursement schedule

Scholarship funds are disbursed by the start of the semester. Scholarship checks received after the start of the semester will be disbursed to your student account within five business days.

Scholarships $2,000 and above are disbursed in two equal payments in the fall and spring semesters unless otherwise indicated on the award letter.

Scholarship funds will first be applied to paying tuition, fees, and books, unless the donor directs otherwise. If funds remain after paying tuition, fees, and books, a refund will be issued to you via the refund preference you selected with BankMobile.

Textbook stipends for outside scholarship recipients

If your scholarship dictates payment for tuition, fees, and books only, a credit will be released to you as a book stipend (paid at $50 per enrolled credit hours) up to the amount of your scholarship. Unused funds will be held and applied to the next semester unless the donor instructs otherwise.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I view my scholarship awards?

Check Self-Service to view your scholarship awards and financial aid offers.

I already paid my tuition. What will happen?

If your tuition has already been paid, you will receive a refund from your scholarship.  

Who do I contact for help with my outside scholarship?

If you need assistance email the Scholarship Office at [email protected].

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